DIY Auto Repair Center offers car enthusiasts, motorcyclists, moonlighting and mobile mechanics, or anyone who owns an automobile the ability to take ownership in the servicing and repair of their vehicles all while saving money.

Why pay someone when you can do it 


Available for Rent by the Hour:

  • 2 Post Lift Bays ($25/hour)

  • 2 Flat Bays ($15/hour)

  • 334 Piece Tool Boxes

  • Engine Stand

  • Engine Hoist

  • Transmission Jack

  • Torque Wrenches

  • Soldering Kit

  • Ball Joint Service Kit

  • A/C R134A Manifold Gauge Set

  • Multi Meter

  • Slide Hammer/Puller set

  • 80 Piece Rotary Kit

DIY Auto Repair Center has full service auto repair bays available to rent to the public.  Rentals are available for from hourly rates all the way up to monthly rates.  Repair your car with the same tools and equipment that the pros use!  We offer bays with 2 post lifts and flat bays.  Want to bring your own parts or tools?  No problem!  If you don't have any tools we offer those for rent as well. 

Come by and check out our facilities or SCHEDULE HERE.

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Independent mechanic, Allen Watson is available for FULL SERVICE AUTO REPAIR &/OR RENT A MECHANIC ADVISER for $10/hour when available. For full service pricing and general availability, please contact the mechanic directly.  


1118 Cypress Creek Parkway Houston TX 77090 (Behind XL Auto Parts) [MAP]  
Weekly and Monthly rates available.  Call for details.
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Bay with Hydraulic Lift (choose from 2)                                           $25/hour

Flat Bay (choose from 2)                                                                 $15/hour

**Rates will include access to the bays, water, an air compressor for pneumatic tools, work benches, a shop press, a bench grinder, vice, 3 ton floor jacks, 6 ton jack stands,fluid evacuates & disposal containers, access to an A/C break room with a refrigerator and microwave, wifi access .  Disposal of waste fluids, filters, and batteries is also included in the price.  Customers are free to bring their own tools and parts or have parts delivered straight to the shop.


Overnight indoor storage of an automobile will be $10/ night.  No out door storage is available at this time. 



Customers can also rent a tool box for $10/hour or bring your own tools.

The tools boxes are 334 pieces that include hand tool and pneumatic tools.


Specialty tools $5/day each:

  • Engine Stand

  • Engine Hoist

  • Transmission Jack

  • Torque Wrenches

  • Soldering Kit

  • Ball Joint Service Kit

  • A/C R134A Manifold Gauge Set

  • Multi Meter

  • Slide Hammer/Puller set

  • 80 piece rotary kit




Bring as many cars as you would like and all shop tools are included in the price as well as indoor overnight storage:


Reserve a bay with a bay with a lift for $360 (regularly $450)

Reserve a flat bay for $216.00 (regularly $270)



Weekly and Monthly rates available.  Call for details.


DIY Auto Repair Center is currently looking for mechanics in the Houston area who are interested in owning their own business and being their own boss.  We can provide facilities that will allow you to complete most major auto repairs.  You choose your hours, your rates, and pick your own jobs.  No micro management from a shop owner or boss.


We would love to speak to any mechanic that has a desire to:

-Own their own business

-Control their own destiny

-Make their own hours

-Choose what jobs they accept

-Earn extra income

If that sounds like you, please give contact us.  We would love to speak with you!

We offer packages that include daily, weekly, and monthly rates.  In addition, we can offer you the opportunity to reach customers and grow your customer base.  Bays are rented on a first come, first serve basis.  To find out how to rent a bay please contact us at  Please include your contact information in the email. 


Call, email, or book online to reserve your bay.

Enjoy the space you need to repair your car in the best way possible.