Houston's Premier DIY Auto Repair Center

DIY Auto Repair Center is an automobile repair facility that provides professional tools, equipment and space for you to complete your own automobile repair.  We can rent your tools, space, and hydraulic lifts for you to complete your repair yourself in a professional environment.  Whether you are just have a Do-It-Yourself mentality or want to save money by completing your own repair, we can accommodate you. 


Today, most professional mechanic shops charge $80-$100 per hour for labor.   By renting space in our facility and completing the work yourself, you can save up to 70% when compared to a full service mechanic shop or dealership.  This not only provides you exceptional savings but also the gratification of completing the work yourself.   You can bring in your own parts or have them delivered directly to the garage.  If you own your own tools, you are more than welcome to use them in our shop.  If you don't own tools, we have tools available for rent.  


DIY Auto Repair Center offers car enthusiasts, motorcyclists, moonlighting and mobile mechanics, or anyone who owns an automobile the ability to take ownership in the servicing and repair of their vehicles all while saving money.